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A session may include Reiki, other forms of Energy Healing, and Sound Healing (with crystal bowls, tuning forks, a gong, other instruments, music and voice toning). Techniques of Shamanism, meditation, breath work, mantra, visualization and yoga may also be used.

The goal is to support you to be more present in each moment and to feel healthier and more free. 


Humans are sensitive to sound and vibration and both impact our well-being and can be used for healing the physical body. They can also support the mind and nervous system. Therapeutic ultrasound in Allopathic medicine (for example) is high frequency vibrations used to facilitate healing at a cellular level. These sessions include sounds and vibrations chosen for their therapeutic benefits. Crystal bowls, tuning forks, a gong, other instruments, music and voice toning may be used.


The objective is to shift you into a deep state of relaxation to support the bodies healing process and to reduce stress. Also, this deep state of relaxation is a meditative state. It allows the mind to relax and clear. Physical tension, emotions and thoughts are released and space is created for shifts in perspective and new possibilities. This is a heart centered therapy and it meets you where you are at. It is particularly supportive for grief, depression, PTSD, and anxiety. 


This program includes 15 Relaxation Therapy sessions, 1 hour each. There is generally 1 session scheduled per week for the first month and then monthly over the course of the rest of the year.  It is designed to support hormonal fluctuation and changes (anxiety or emotional overwhelm can be connected to this) and create a calmer, more balanced experience.


Many of these Energy Healing techniques have been around for as long as we have been on the planet and used by medicine men and women in a variety of cultures. Soul retrieval is a popular and potent technique that may be used, you can find out more at:


It is about creating space. Space in the mind and also for emotions to release...and space in the physical body. Pavan encourages clients to develop a regular meditation practice like their life depends on it but also to find a type of meditating that really works for them. The benefits are vast and particularly help to offset the stress experienced in our Western culture. Regular meditation also helps to expand out threshold for stress.


Yoga is union with breath. It is about uniting the body, mind and spirit; ultimately to reduce suffering. This includes overt and underlying fears (especially fear of death), anxiety, depression, pain, PTSD and neutralizing the ego.


Sessions are tailored specifically to what you need and may include asana (physical postures and movement) for flexibility, and strength. They may also include Hatha and Kundalini techniques as well as Energy Healing, meditation, breath work and mantra. Your prior experience and any injuries will also be addressed.


The breath is life. The way you breath and your awareness of your breath are connected to your experience of life. etc. etc.

I love breath work techniques because they are quick and very effective. If you need to change the way you feel you can do a little breath work for 1 -3 minutes and completely shift.

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