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Where Do We Go From Here?

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” - Mother Teresa

The Tiger King documentary series was mentioned to me 3 times in the same day and I finally queued up the Netflix. Unsurprisingly, it is thoroughly disturbing while also sparking a somewhat morbid curiosity...but what struck me the most is that it's creation and the timing seems to serve as another strong example of humanity waking up. This documentary series exposes many unethical and illegal practices that have gone on for decades with far too little scrutiny-namely animal abuses and human abuses...but this is changing and the change is a theme of the times. People were not really paying much attention to this sort of thing let alone setting out to expose it, just a couple of decades ago.

Similarly, just prior to being in the thick of the Corona Virus, a book came out by Pamala Dyson; one of Yogi Bhajan's former secretaries (he brought Kundalini yoga to the West). It exposed his extremely abusive treatment of her as well as many others-again, unsurprising...another "guru," ultimately consumed by sex, money and power. However, I was surprised to learn that she had sued him several years back and several of my mentors were well aware of this (but it was mainly covered up)...not to mention they learned from him and some were likely present during this type of behavior. However, he used cult like tactics to justify his behavior and it was a different time - way, ,way before the #MeToo movement, for example. And yet, it is also true that Yogi Bhajan had countless people coming from a heart-centered place work tirelessly for him to spread the knowledge and teachings of these powerful yogic tools and techniques. A beautiful, global, heart-centered movement sprang forth. Second and third generation yogis of this lineage are operating within and from a completely different reality-love and truth are at the forefront but also shining light into the darkness and exposing what is necessary to move forward. The time of the guru was a part of the evolution but it is over. We are in the age of Aquarius in which, you are your own guru. Gee. You. Are. You I do believe that as we move through this truly challenging time, this period is also fertile ground for clarity on a personal and collective scale, the real and raw truth, exposing and dismantling what is necessary to move forward in a new way...into a period rife with creativity, innovation and love.

In Light & Truth, Pavan Ravi Sirona

#ageofaquarius #truth #kundaliniyoga #changeisgood

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