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If This Is A Dream

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”– Alice Walker 

I suppose I awoke from a dream. Not a bizarre mishmash of nonsensical imagery and emotion but the type that leaves you with a subtle feeling of unease; as you remember your otherworldly (or maybe other dimensional) encounter. It actually felt more real than real...fully fleshed out and in very specific places with very specific experiences; but the facts and laws of nature were just a little, tiny bit off. Teleporting from the purchase line of an overpriced airport terminal newsstand to a secret attic room of an old hotel still alludes me in this time space reality, along with the specially selected cast of characters and extreme emotion found in the dream world.

I've been having these dreams nearly every night amidst the pandemic. Ok so, I won't attempt to delve into the meaning of this nighttime travel too deeply but suffice it to say that there is a correlation to the times we are navigating and anything is possible...somewhere, at some time, and why not now?  In the past few weeks, I have seen and heard so many examples of how people are redefining or reconnecting with their truth, with what is important, with what needs to change...but the dazzling part is that action is being taken and what we think of as law/rules/restrictions/complications or barriers, much of all this has been completely suspended (maybe some was only ever in our minds) and change is happening. If the New York City Subways are getting nightly deep cleanings, a new era has indeed dawned-and we all know that it has. It is up to us, especially now and in the coming months to create the new, do the thing we thought could not be done, live in a different way. What is in your heart, is right and it is possible. 

There are also so many different heartbreaks and near insurmountable levels of stress for many. This is a time for change but like so many times past, it is hard and more importantly, it is not about me or you, it is about us. Those who are in the thick of the struggle need the support of those who can lend a hand with open hearts. We can take better care of ourselves and each other, mother earth and her precious flora and fauna. Last Friday, after a couple of days of feeling a little bruised in my lower back, I woke up with extreme pain and limited mobility. I cried and iced and heated, slathered on creams and felt bad for myself, tossed and turned and cried was a little scary and a lot humbling. I also rested and spent time feeling grateful for all the days that I feel good and for the knowing that this too would pass. Now, five days later, I am still on the mend but feeling much better and I am marveling at the healing capacity of my body. I also feel grateful for how it forced me to slow down even more. In some ways, I see that I was an escapist in my yoga practice and now I am feeling more present and more anchored in the present and especially the exciting capacity for a deeper unity at this time. Our fast paced, tech savvy, factory farm sludge, plastic-y, ISOLATED, beautiful, divine, precious lives have a unique opportunity to shift their course-collectively.

I look forward to sharing the juicy details with you as we continue on...with a clean F train? With new environmental policies and ways of treating the earth? With new healthcare protocol? With new jobs in new industries that fit this time on the planet? With new ways of being together? With new gardens? With more smiles? With more caring...with love.

Please share your details or insights with me and let me know how I can help or support you.

In Light, Pavan Ravi Sirona

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